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SG762 Stainless Steel Pipe Mill

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SG762 Stainless Steel Welded Pipe Mill


The SG762 stainless steel welded pipe production line uses SAGE FORMING.The SAGE FORMING method, which combines all the advantages of the existing molding in the world and abandons the disadvantages, is a kind of forming technology of optimized combination.
Uncoiler: in cooperation with clamping and leveling machine, the steel coil is expanded into strip steel, which can provide tension and rotary power of steel coil.
Cross feed leveler: the strip is levelled and sent forward to the shear butt welder.
Accumulator: used for temporary storage of strip steel to ensure continuous production of production line.
Air Bending Forming: the strip is bent and deformed in the form of three fulcrum points, so there are few scratches on the surface of the strip, and the surface forming quality is good.
Cage forming: with 48 sets of plate-rod and 12 sets of internal cage rollers, the strip is shaped with an opening.
When changing specifications, there is no need to replace the row roll, the inner cage roll can be adjusted.
Uniform Rigidity Stand: the precision forming frame and sizing frame of four rollers with the same rigid structure have the following characteristics: the four-roll frame reduces the linear velocity difference.
The effect of frame deformation on steel tube quality is solved by equirigidity.
The rapid roll change structure reduces the time of specification change to 3 hours.
SG762 stainless steel pipe mill:
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